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Curb Stone


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 Granite Kerb Stones  & Curb Stones

 1. Our Advantage:

(1) We are professional stone manufacture since 1996.

(2) We have a lot of experienced workers so that we can supply you good quality.

2. Six models for your selection:

1. beveled Curbstone A beveled curbstone has the same properties as a mill cut curbstone, except for the beveled front edge which enables safe parking next to the stone. 
2. Rectangular Curbstone Rectangular curbstones are sawed to ensure dimensional accuracy. The surface receives a flamed or bush hammer finish. Rectangular curbstone are used in parks and squares, where appearance makes a difference 
3. Beveled Rectangular Curbstone  A beveled rectangular curbstone is a rectangular curbstone which has a small, ca 20 mm bevel on its front edge. 
4. leaved Curbstone    The top and lower sides of a cleaved curbstone are sawed, but the sides are cleaved as the name indicates. The top is often flamed, or has a bush hammer finish. It is best applied in places where the cleaved appearance is visible yet the dimensional accuracy is of secondary importance, such as bordering lawns. 
5. Horizontally Laying Curbstone  A horizontally laying curbstone is a wide, solid curbstone with a finished appearance suitable in urban areas and parks. Horizontally laying curbstone are dimensionally accurate, and they can be beveled in the same way as beveled curbstone 
6. Curved Curbstone   Curved curbstones are made of cleaved curbstone. The radius of curvature of the inner stones is 0.5-12.0m, and the length 0.2 – 2.5m. The radius of curvature of the outer stones is 1.5 – 12m, and the length 0.9 – 2.5 meters. Curved curbstone can be replaced by smaller, straight stones, when the curbstones are sawed and the radius of curvature is larger than above. 

3. Popular Size in tile, kerbs stone and cube stone, as follows:

Popular Size        unit(mm)


Kerbs Stone

Cube Stone

12″x12″ (305X305 or 300X300)



24″X12″ (610X305 or 600X300)



24″x24″ (610X610 or 600X600)


100X100 X length

18″X18’’ (457X457)


According to
your request




According to
your request

According to your request

Tile & Slab Thickness:  10mm;  12mm;  15mm;  18mm;  20mm;  25mm;  30mm;  35mm;  40mm;  45mm;  50mm or according to your request.


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